Thursday, August 13, 2009

House Hunting...kind of.

The following email correspondence is a testament to Kenny's optimism...or naivety. (I'll choose optimism.)

Kenny: --- just sent this mls link for some houses. Check out the last one in. So Cheap but a lot of work.

Jill: Did you look at all the photos?! That last one all but sunk into a sink-hole!

Kenny: Ya I know; just wondering what the problem is and how we could fix it. Maybe Mark can stabilize the foundation/hill some how.

Jill: "Maybe mark can stabilize the hill or something?" You mean rebuild the mountain and fill in that lake-size crater? I also liked the huge crack running through the middle of the home...and the caution tape everywhere.

Lest I come across as a total Debbie Downer, I did suggest maybe demoing the house and building in its place this garage/house from Ferris Bueller. Kenny LOVED that idea. (No, seriously he did. We love that house.)

Here's some photos of the house in question. He did warn me: it needs "a lot of work."

Check out that view though...(sigh)
I love Kenny.


Nic and Bekka said...

I didn't know you guys were looking to buy! We are looking too, but it is so frustrating and overwhelming. What areas are you looking in?

Toni Jean said...

The Ferris Bueller house is actually on the market...

It could be yours for a measly 2.3 million. :)

Kat Clark said...

I have this funny feeling that my husband and yours would be great pals. Michael actually wanted to bid on a house that had no cabinets, counter tops, toilets, light fixtures, doors, sinks, appliances, or carpet.

Tyler Jorgenson said...

Hey, what's with the ---? I love Kenny's optimism!

Erin | Adam said...

Wow, welcome to our world. On a weekly basis we visit houses where they need a lot of work, much like this. It's so depressing.

Anonymous said...
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