Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lube it or Lose it.

Remember when we welcomed the new addition to the Brady family? I wrote about it here. Well, the little guy is having his first doctor's visit today...

Okay, no more baby analogies. (I guess when all you read about on friend's blogs anymore is about babies, you can't help but draw parallels in your own life.) So, no; there is no Brady Baby. Our "baby" I was referencing is our new little Subaru that we bought less than a month ago. The "doctor's visit" is its first oil change. Yes, in less than a month we've racked enough miles on that poor thing to warrant an oil change.

That's either really sad and depressing or it's awesome. Considering all we've done this month, I'm going with awesome.

Update: I just realized I'm blogging about an oil change. Sad. I promise my next post will include celebrities, concerts, snowboarding, and stimulating conversation - and that will just about cover my amazing Memorial Day weekend.

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