Wednesday, April 22, 2009

He likes it raw.

Ignoring my dentist's instructions, I joined Kenny's family for sushi right after my surgery. We were gathering to give little brother, Michael, a proper send-off; he leaves this morning for a summer job in New York. (I'm a little jealous...of him living and playing in New York, not of his job).

Anyway, I ultimately obeyed my dentist and was a good girl. No sushi for me. However, Kenny overcompensated and ordered enough to feed a small army.

Hudd counted; Kenny ordered 50 pieces of sushi - in his first round! FIFTY, folks. Needless to say, he didn't order seconds.

Good luck in New York, Mike! We'll miss you (but hopefully we'll come vistit...hint hint to Kenny.)


Elise said...

Are you kidding? He ate that all himself? Skyler would be proud (and jealous)! Good job for not eating any. Will you be able to eat real food today?

Tyler Jorgenson said...

Good work Kenny! What sushi joint did you hit up?