Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great movie...

    Great scene (and I'm paraphrasing)...

    • Little Boy: Mom, [some kid] said I was a bastard...what does that mean? (mom, visibly upset, doesn't answer)

    • Aunt Nora: it just means your mom wasn't married when she had you; no big deal. In fact, someday it will be a badge a coolness for you, like, you'll start a band and call yourself the Bastard Sons or something. (whispering) You're the coolest bastard I know.

    Great friend /movie companion / conversationalist: Sarah ...

    (Sarah is rocking the Geela Wrap, available here.)

    Great Story... (but not-so-great story telling)

    You know when you're deeply engrossed in conversation and you don't really pay attention to where you're going or what you're doing? Such was the case when Sarah and I walked into the movie theater last night. After deciding that good movie popcorn needs lots of butter, Sarah left to get more for our otherwise dry, bland popcorn. The previews hadn't even started yet. Well, I watched the pre-preview entertainment, the recap, and several (long) trailers (all of which were for kids movies, which was weird considering the feature film was very adult). After downing half a box of Skittles and exercising great restraint in not hurling my phone at the screen when a giant Scorsese reminded me to 'kindly silence my cell phone' (for the thousandth time), I was convinced Sarah had been abducted - or she was scarfing all our popcorn in some deserted hallway. Either way, I had to do something. After all, I still had her purse, wallet, phone, etc. Where could she be?

    I waited long enough.

    I eventually found her sitting all alone on the front row in the correct theatre. Apparently we're too cool to listen to the doorman tell us which theatre our movie will play in and we sorta followed each other into the theatre playing Monsters vs Aliens. Anyway, it was awesome. In hushed whispers, she confessed she couldn't remember which theatre we had been in after leaving to get more butter. She decided to wait in the correct theatre and was confident I'd figure it out...eventually.

    Luckily, she was right. It took me awhile, but I got it. (And the movie was still great, even after missing the first twenty minutes.)

      Good times.


    Emily Ruth said...

    funny... I wish I could have gone to the movies with you last night, but I got the chance to hang out with your husband instead- that was pretty cool, I guess.

    Kat Clark said...

    I like your story so much because that is something I would totally do with my friends!

    Melissa Tiek said...

    Hahaha. That's hilarious. At least you still liked the movie.