Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love (and Hate) Letters

Dear Fullerton Horse Trails:

I love you. My Saturday morning run with Kenny was magical – reminiscent of my run on down your paths on Thanksgiving. Even though you occasionally have heaping piles of horse poop in my way or are occasionally really muddy, you beat the treadmill hands down, any day.

One thing, though. While I love the vegetation that lines your path (the sight and smell is divine), is it totally necessary for it to be of the variety that causes rashes and itchiness? You see, although there are signs posted everywhere instructing the mountain-bikers to yield to runners, the bikers (in their self-perceived superiority) never yield and I find my self running for cover into said rash-inducing plants. (I’m no match for their bikes with their shocks and huge tires.) Anyway, after being ran off the road into your poison laden plants I have to then high-step while running so that I can scratch my shins and calves. It’s kind of awkward and a bit of a downer on what would otherwise be a beautiful work-out. Also, I don't look very good in skirts after these encounters.

Anyway, it’s just a suggestion. I still love you.


Dear Fullerton Mountain Bikers:

You suck.



Elise said...

Being a runner and a biker, I must say that I yield to both. On my bike, I am terrified of hitting someone. While I run, I am on the lookout for bikers. I feel your pain (not the rash pain, but the emotional pain).

Emily Ruth said...

calamine lotion is your best friend