Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Very Appropriate 100th Post: a letter to 2009

Dear 2009,

Welcome. I’m happy you’re here. I have some big plans for you. Plans I put off during 2008 when, mid-year, I concluded that 2008 was ultimately a net loss and I just wrote it off right then. (In retrospect 2008 did, however, have some pretty amazing moments. I guess I can’t say it was a total loss. Oh well, moving on.)

2009, I view you now as a newborn baby – innocent and full of potential. Please don’t disappoint. The possibilities you hold are endless and I find profound hope in your newness – hopes that include progression, simplicity, acquisition, increased spirituality, new experiences, new sights and places, achievement, balance, love (both given and received, for others and for myself), increased understanding and wisdom, laughter, and (hopefully) joy. Lots and lots of joy.

2009, I’ve been anxiously awaiting your arrival these past six months, and now that you’re finally here I can hardly contain myself. The moment the clock struck midnight and the giant disco ball dropped in Times Square was magical – magic that was hampered only slightly by the discomfort of watching the once great Dick Clark struggle through his monologue. (Yes, I know he had a stroke, but it’s still awkward to listen to him talk. On national television. For several hours. I guess I’ll have to ask you, 2009, to maybe bring me greater sympathy and compassion, too. On the bright side, Dick Clark with a stroke beats Ryan Seacrest hands down, any day. Can I get an Amen? Okay, moving on.)

I’ll leave you for now, 2009. With all the parties thrown in your honor last night, you must be exhausted. Plus, I’m off to run the horse trails as I have to work off the handful of cherry sours I had for breakfast. (See, greater balance already. Also, as an example of the increased love you'll bring me, I foresee a very loving relationship developing between my dentist and me in 2009.) Anyway, we’ll chat again soon, 2009, to finalize my plans for you. Till then, take it easy and enjoy your day off. I know I will.


lyndsey said...

happy 2009! and lol...i TOTALLY feel you on the dick clark comments. that was just so awkward. let the poor man retire already.

Elise said...

We missed everything! I guess that's what driving all night and preparing for early morning snowboarding will do to us. Or maybe we are just getting old. Either way, we made it to 2009!

Sarah said...

i love you. this is hilarious!!! Excellent post.