Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bragging Like It's My Accomplishment, take 2

Continuing in the same vein as yesterday's post, I just have to ask: how cool/courageous/nuts/suicidal/crazy/amazing is my little brother?!

(Here's a close up - yes, that is really him...the one with the HUGE grin)

I. Could. NEVER. Do. This.

So far from my mind is skydiving, that when I received Ryan's text saying, "I just fell 14,000 feet! My fingers are sore from throwing up the 'hang-loose' sign too much. It couldn't be helped!" I thought he was somehow announcing his recent return from Hawaii. Kenny (who had immediately decoded Ryan's message) informed me of this event a few hours later. All I can say Pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, this act served to solidify our mother's concern that her only son has a death wish. It also permanently solifies Hudd's nickname for Ryan: SkyRocket. (Luckily, I think he has always liked it anyway.)


Elise said...

I've always wanted to do this. We have to do it before we have kids. What do you think? P.S. It doesn't surprise me that your brother did this...he has such a fun personality.

rookie cookie said...

Grrr. I want to go skydiving so bad. But Ethan refuses to let me die and leave him alone with our two children. Oh well.

BTW, love the new header/picture.

BTW again, my word verification says "fleural". Kind of cool.

Amelia . Lyon said...

Yeah!!! Skyrocket can now officially be called Skyrocket. That's amazing. I'm glad he did it, because I don't know that I ever could. This will have to be one of those moments that I live vicariously through others. Thanks for that Ryan! Can't wait to hear more about the sore fingers from dropping the "Hang Loose" sign from the skies!

jenn said...

i absolutely love your new year's resolution :)

Ryel j Photography said...

so much to celebrate!! I hope your New Year is proving to be a best friend. I too love the new header.