Monday, December 15, 2008

One of those posts where I just tell you about how awesome my day was.

Because gas is so cheap again, we decided to drive all over Southern CA on Saturday. The day started pretty early in San Marino at this fantastic French cafe, Julienne's, where Kenny, Amelia, Hudd, Jason, Charlie, and I enjoyed delicacies like Creme Brule French Toast and Candied Bacon. And yes, I indulged in a macaroon (Thanks Jasche!). It's not Christmas without a trip to Julienne!
From San Marino, we bid a temporary farewell to Jason and Charlie (who was the best little baby at the restaurant!) and made our way down into L.A. to check out Unique L.A.. It's not your mama's craft boutique - it sells stuff I'd actually want to buy and use and display in my home (like faux bois gift wrap, rad paintings/posters, Little Otsu planners, jewelry, etc.). We were all surprised by how good the show actually was. Etsy had their DIY lab set up, there was a gift wrap station, you could make your own silk screened tee shirt, and photographer Rafael Cruz had a photo booth, which we enjoyed maybe a little too much. Case in point:

Kenny decided he'd rather not have a chin for these photos. Doesn't Hudd look like Ricky Gervais' character from Extras? "Are you havin' a laugh?!"These glasses made me go cross-eyed. It actually kind of hurt after a few seconds.
Amy is really into whatever she's pretending to listen to. That's some good acting, eh?From LA Kenny and I cruised down to Costa Mesa to join Angela and Jamie (and Angela's awesome parents) for some tamale-making. I think we assembled 10-dozen. Not even kidding. Kenny's creative juices were flowing as he combined all the ingredients for a tamale that ended up resembling a burrito. All teasing aside, I have to admit it tasted awesome.

From Costa Mesa, we recruited Angela and Jamie and headed back to Monrovia for some hot chocolate and treats with some of Kenny's cousins. A small group of us then headed to Pasadena to get our fill of Christmas decorations at Stats and to do some shopping on Colorado. The evening ended with some ice cream - well Angela and Jamie enjoyed it; Kenny and I were too sugared out at that point (sorry guys) - and finally the drive back home.

I think it took Kenny twenty seconds to fall asleep after getting home. Not even exaggerating.


Elise said...

I'm bummed I missed out on was probably a good thing, as I visited four cupcakeries that day. I'm pretty sure we fell asleep around 10 on Saturday night. It was a long day. But I love cramming all of the fun into a small amount of time.

Ashley said...

I didn't make it out to Unique LA but heard wonderful things about it! I wanna come see the treasure you bought.

jill said...

I am jealous I wanted to go to that craft boutique but, my Dad was in town. I would love to see what you bought! I love the pics.

lyndsey said...

so...i think we should really hang out sometime. i mean, hello, you came to my hood TWICE in one day. (and how yummy is julienne? we love that place.)

also i had friends manning their own booth at unique la. i couldn't make it out but it sounded awesome. glad you had fun :)