Monday, November 17, 2008

On Settling.

This weekend (in mid November) it was 95 degrees in my town, and windy. Less than 10 miles from my home huge wildfires raged rampant and consumed hundreds of homes. Where were we?

Well, specifically here:

In Mammoth Lakes, CA enjoying the first turns of the season and some cooler weather. (If I hadn't received hourly updates from evacuees all weekend and if we hadn't driven through some of the devastated areas on our way home, I might gloat...but that would probably be in poor taste.) Anyway, if Orange County/Southern California doesn't cool down and stop burning sometime soon, I'm guessing my first home purchase will be a condo/vacation home in Mammoth. Seriously, why do we live here?

Skyler & Elise
Kenny and Jill (critiquing desserts at The Mogul)


allegra said...

with those views? i'd live there too. not to mention you're close enough to a beach...

that sucks about the fires though.

Elise said...

We should make our new business be in Mammoth. We will have lots of money and live in a beautiful place.