Sunday, October 26, 2008

Walking and Paddling.

So last Saturday's walk was really fun - and a huge success! Team Brady Bunch was in full force thanks to the following:

Mark (dad), DeAnne (mom), Ana, Michael, Daniella, Cameron, Amelia, Hud, Hudson, Sloan (who turned one that day! Happy Birthday, Nephew), Nicole, Jeff, Ryan, Cindel, Roger, Lindsay, Charlie, Jett, Kristina, Ashley, Amber, Eliza, Heather, Skyler, Elise, Steve, Brit, Blair, Shanna, Mackensie, and Garrett. Wow! Thanks everyone for coming and showing the love!
Last I heard (while running) was that the event raised over $220,000 and likely much more. It was touching to see those afflicted with Lou Gehrig's participating with their families and loved ones there to support them. It was good.  

Thanks Amber and Ashley for running with me; Skyler, remember that Ashley and I did eventually lap you, Ryan - nice to meet you. You're an amazing speed-walker. Little Kids...thanks for hanging in there for all three laps around the park. Here's some pics stolen from Nicole and the Thorne's.

Kristina S., Ashley M., me (Jill)
Daniella, Mom (DeAnne), Dad (Mark), Ana, Cameron.
Speedwalking-Champion Ryan, Roger, Jett, Sloan, Hudd, Amelia, Michael
Steve, Brit, Kenny, me (again)

This Saturday, after breakfast with friend/colleague/fellow stair-climber, Rich Robbins, and before nephew Sloan's party and dinner/hanging-out with Steve and Brit (see above), Elise and I took Skyler and Kenny paddle-boarding. (It was a fun - and busy - Saturday.) I guess we're all anxious for snowboarding, but, since we're still experiencing 80+ degree weather here, we opted for a board-sport of any nature.  Here's more pictures.

Skyler & Elise - it was actually really hard to balance with two on the board.
Kenny and Jill - we both got on, but forgot oars. Guess who ended up paddling?  Chivalry is dead apparently. (I joke, I joke. Kinda.)
The Crew: Skyler, Kenny, Jill, Elise.
Paddleboarding is pretty relaxing, surprisingly. Maybe a little too slow paced for Skyler and Kenny.  They added their own challenge.
Kenny asked that I mention that he and Skyler did, in fact, accomplish a fully-extended head stand (while in motion, no less), but we failed to capture the picture at just that moment.  Boys (sigh).


Ashley said...

I love these paddle board pics! I am so glad that you guys got to go out. I am especially proud of the boys for doing the head stands. Those are so advance yoga poses, let alone on a moving surface.

Tyler Jorgenson said...

Tell Kenny that we'll believe it when we see proof. It looks to me like 1 second after that picture was taken there was a big splash!

Elise said...

Skyler was very "upset" with me after he saw this picture. He said I should have told them that the picture wasn't perfect and to take more pictures until I got it right. I didn't know it was that important...guess I am not a boy.

Kat Clark said...

You're skinny and pretty. What?!I'm not jealous?!

Justin + kelly said...

I so want to do that!! Where did you get the boards? Did you rent them or buy them!! OH I love CA 80 degree winters!

Ryel j Photography said...

You went paddling!?!?!? so great!