Thursday, October 9, 2008


Awhile back, Colt tagged me to post 6 quirks; I haven’t posted for two reasons:

First: I just couldn’t think of six quirks that didn’t revolve around public restrooms or the bathroom in general. What can I say? I try to drink 100+ ounces of water everyday, so I spend a lot of time there. Enough time to analyze way too much about myself relative to the surroundings.

Second: I admit that, in general, I’m just not a huge fan of the game “Tag." I blame it on the fact that I have short legs, which means I'm a very slow runner, which ultimately resulted in my always being "It" during recess-tag. Not that I didn’t try. Growing up, I thought I was fast – my legs were moving just as quickly as anyone else’s – but I just can’t cover much distance in my strides. I was forever chasing other kids to no avail. (It's nice to be the one being chased occasionally! I don't even want to consider what this did to my emotional/social development...) Anyway, I realize this has nothing to do with blog-tag, but I can’t get over the stigma of that word. Tag. I hate it. (Can this count as a quirk, Colt?)

Anyway, lest Colt think I’m ignoring him, I’ll do my best to list a few more “quirks.” (Please note that some will be about public restrooms. You’ve been warned.)

  • I loath the sound of cracking bones. It’s like finger nails on a chalk-board. (This sucks considering all my back/neck problems and the hours of time I’ve logged at the Chiropractor.)
  • I subconsciously love the feeling of things between my fingers. My grandma had these curtains with fringe and I still sit in the same spot in her living room and run that fringe through my fingers. Also, I never noticed this, but Kenny pointed out that I run pages through my fingers while I read. Thinking about it, I always have...despite frequent paper cuts.
  • I get stage fright in public restrooms when there is someone in the stall directly next to me. I don’t like that they can see my feet and figure out who I am later. I don’t like that they can hear me doing my thing. Also, I have to rip the bottom portion off the toilet paper off and not use it. The idea of those sqares of T.P. being touched by the stall's previous occupant grosses me out, and I can't use it.
  • I’ve thrown up maybe four or five times in my entire life, but have a super sensitive gag-reflex. Particularly when eating foods of a certain texture or seeing loose hair (see below).
  • When detached from one’s body (human/animal) hair grosses me out. Showering at the gym is out of the question for this reason. When our drains get clogged, Kenny has to clean it out. Can’t do it. No way, no how. (I blame the month I worked at a tanning place. Cleaning out those beds... oh, the horror.) Props to all the hair dressers out there. I could never do your job.
  • I get really embarrassed for other people. Not myself, so much, but for others. I usually have to look away or cover all but my eyes. Watching The Office is brutal. (Brutal, but totally necessary if I’m to make light of my own work environment.)
  • Because this post needs a photo, I'll end with this quirk: I heart old men. Actually, elderly couples holding hands while on walks melts my heart and brings me to tears (so sweet), but Old Men... they're something else. Especially when they're fashionably quirky (think bow ties and checkered blazers). Like this guy. I just want to sit cross-legged at his feet and stare at him and make him tell me stories about his life way back when. And then I want to raid his closet.

I tag...YOU! ALL OF YOU! If you read this, consider yourself IT. You can’t outrun me here, sucka!

Picture Credit: The Sartorialist


cJb said...

Wow. Jill, perhaps you have a slight bit of O.C.D.?

I think its more like laser tag, where running is less important and lasers are the main bit.

Elise said...

Sorry to gross you out, but I just found a huge rat's nest in my hair. I had to untangle it which led to a lot of loose hair all over my legs and floor. At least it's blonde...blonde hair doesn't scare me as much as dark hair!

heather said...

I get SO embarrassed for Leanne on this season's project runway! It's almost painful. But she's still my favorite.

Ashley said...

There is a site I love called "i am neurotic" and people post similar stuff that you just did. It is pretty interesting what people just can't stand.

ruth said...

In regards to your hair quirk---It's weird But it's not the same as random stray hairs.Those gross me out too. But I always came home from work covered in other peoples hair.

Allison Tiek said...

Jill, why do I get the feeling that you like to steal from the elderly? I think it was the "dibbs" comment concerning your grandma's sunglasses and then there's this poor old man.

Melissa & Jason said...

Can I just say that the whole stage fright in the bathroom and not being able to use the end of the T.P. are two of my quirks? And it really irritates me when there is a whole row of stalls open and some girl comes into the one right next to me...I mean come on.

Candice said...

so funny, i seriously love old men too. troy makes fun of me all the time about it.

allegra said...

not to sound copy-cat ditsy here, but i love old men too. maybe its the fact that all the old men i've known have been stellar. my grandpa is so awesome: cowboy, doctor, rancher, ripped and buff stud, and Dad's dad was a hard-working cowboy turned quorum of the seventy service type of dude. so, older men are my idols.

congrats on your run! ...up stairs runs are killer. the only run i've done lately is to the top of the bunker hill monument in Boston. that was killer, but the view was worth it:)

jill said...

you should check out its a fun one. Oh and I think about you everytime I crack my knuckles knowing you disapprove.

Doreen said...

Just have to say as your mom, you may want to think of some therapy sessions. Happy to know you didn't get these from me - but maybe . . . DAD! Enough said.
I love you anyway!!!!!!