Sunday, October 5, 2008

The results: the Bank Run...literally.

Because Ruth cannot sleep another night without me finally posting my results (she told me), I figured I'd finally mention how my "race" went.

First of all, I've never participated in anything like this - not even a 5k. The closest I've ever got was Field Day in elementary school, where the only "sport" I really excelled at was jump-roping. (I'm not even joking; I got 2nd place - and there were some serious jump-ropers in Boston. Bo0-yeah.) Anyway, I had no idea what to expect. And having no expectations is probably a good thing when one is about to run up 1,500 stairs - in a very narrow, poorly ventilated staircase, right behind the guy with killer B.O. But it was so FUN! (Don't confuse fun for the absence of nausea and a desire to put your head between your legs and dry-heave. There was a lot of that, too, but still fun.) I loved getting to wear a number and fastening a timing chip to my shoes. I loved getting free stuff and feeling like I accomplished the impossible. I loved getting to take an afternoon off work in the middle of this banking catastrophe (please note, my bank continues to be just fine, thank goodness). I loved that my husband also took the afternoon off to hang out and take lots of pictures. In all, I'm just happy I did it...and that I beat my goal time - just barely. Total time: 19 minutes and 23 seconds. Yeah!
To set the scene for these photos, try to picture 1,000+ participants lined up in full running gear waiting their turn to sprint into an office building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Lots of gifting booths, a beer garden (can you imagine drinking after running 75 flights of stairs?! Yuck.), and lots of cameras. Enjoy the photos (there's lots).
Team City National (we weren't actually a sponsor, but we had such a large group that we received "sponsor treatment" i.e. no waiting in lines.
Meet Rich. Rich was in Boot Camp with me. He was the first to join Team Jill. Cindy also was in Boot Camp. (Third to join my Team.)
Some of the many, many participants
Gotta stretch. Side note: the mere fact that I can reach my toes is a HUGE accomplishment in and of itself.
Kenny. Always supportive...or just looking for an excuse to take a Friday afternoon off work. Either way, I was happy to have him there.
The beginning...smiling.
The end...still smiling, but it's forced. (Picture stolen from DBS photography if you can't tell. Sorry I look plastic in it.)
The line up...went on and on and on.
Team Jill. (Me, Charles, Rich, Cindy)
Free stuff. Yay!
Okay, coolest part. L.A. law enforcement (SWAT and P.D) and the fire department participated. They ran in all their gear! I had to post this picture of the only firewoman. I think her gear (50+ pounds easily - notice the air tank) weighed more than her. Amazing. And their times were fantastic. Swoon.
A good day.


jill said...

once at the top did everyone take the elevator down?

Kat Clark said...

Congratulations! I bet your butt looks newly fabulous!!!

Kurt said...

Did you break a sweat? How many flights of stairs in 19 minutes?! You are amazing! How do you look so cute in your after pics?

Michelle said...

ok, before Kenny calls Kurt to duke it out--that was me that commented and I noticed it said Kurt after I posted it. funny huh. I'm sure he'd say you were cute too though.

cJb said...

Congrats! Check out:

Elise said...

Congrats again! I really admire you! I don't think my legs could have handled this! You look great even after finishing...and that's the most important look good coming through the finish line. Now you can move up to some 5Ks with me. Free stuff is always worth running a few miles for.

ruth said...

Thank you. It was everything I hoped for. i too love free things.

Kristina Steves said...

Ohhh, I love these pics! Makes me want to run or something...probably something..def not running anytime soon! Good Job Miss Brady