Sunday, September 21, 2008

I witnessed a curious phenomenon on Saturday. When a certain soccer player was in possession of the ball, the pitch of the crowd’s cheers got noticeably higher – and not just because more women (and young, young girls) suddenly began screaming, but because men, too, apparently love David Beckham with such a fervor that their voices take on the quality of love-struck tweenage girls. I was unaware Kenny could hit those octaves, but when presented with a shirtless David Beckham, indeed he can. While not my type, I must admit that I too was impressed by Mr. Beckham. However, as I get to sleep with perfection every night, I could remain composed, or as composed as one can be at a professional sporting event.

Other highlights of the evening included:
  • Seven goals (SEVEN!!!) The hometown boys (LA Galaxy) won, ending a pretty long losing streak, much to the chagrin of DC United.
  • Three yellow cards
  • One red card (for reals!)
  • One Hat Trick (Landon Donovan is amazing. Sorry Beckham, he is. Mr. Donovan deserves our support. And more space at the teams’ merchandise Booth – which carries 95% Beckham products. I guess we shouldn’t interfere with demand – or supply, or pricing; Government, please take note – and the crowd has made it clear that they want Beckham product. Every third person had on his jersey.)
  • Overpaying for mediocre food and yelling at strangers (the best part of any professional sporting event, right?)
  • Hanging out with new friends, Angela and Jamie (who is British, which somehow made the game so much more fun for me – especially because he was wearing his hometown team’s jersey and ran into a fellow fan from the Motherland.)

So here’s to “Firsts!” We had so much fun at our first professional soccer game; I think I’m hooked. If you haven’t tried it, check it out. This is coming from the couple who doesn’t follow any sport that doesn’t involve riding a board in some fashion, who never watches it on TV, and who usually only shows up to games long enough to, well, overpay for mediocre food and yell at strangers for a little bit before peacing out early to avoid a traffic nightmare.

If you’re still not sure, consider this. It’s non stop action (unlike baseball and football) and the timer doesn’t stop, so the 90 minute game will not drag out over four hours. Really, it’s good. Now that I think about it, so is Hockey. Anyone have spare Ducks tickets?


Elise said...


Allison Tiek said...

Jill, last I checked David Beckham is EVERYONE'S type and like you said, that goes for women and men alike.

Elise said...

I agree with Allison! I coaxed Skyler to buzz his hair to look like David Beckham! He knows it too! But seriously, who wrote your blog?

The Lindseys said...

Jill! How are you. Its been a long time! Are you involved in the Geela baby website? That stuff is darn cute! I look at it all the time. You have me curious what the interview was that you saw about a business plan situation like ours. If its that cool, i'm interested in checking it out! I love reading your blog. You're a great writer. P.s, i'm about the worst blog-stalker ever...i rarely write people compared to the amount i check out their blogs, that includes yours..sorry. Hope you and Kenny are doing well!

Aaron said...

Hockey's great, but those two 15 minute intermissions are killer. They've done a lot lately to speed up the periods to keep the pace and game time reasonable.

Neal & Wendy said...

first and formost, david beckham is delicious. second, i love reading your blog. third, i have videos of your rad skills, so i need your address to send them to you! Email me yo.

Desiree and Lars said...

Ok...I found you! I'm linking up and checking out your cute clothes website. yeah!

Justin + kelly said...

We love Beckham (and yes the we is Justin as well). Hes fabulous!