Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I wouldn't normally celebrate someone else's wedding anniversary, except in this couple's case, their anniversary also marks the birth of our collective friendship (give or take a few weeks). Kenny and I met Skyler and Elise a few weeks after they got married (three years ago today - happy anniversary you two!). So, while it feels like they've been our life-long friends, we have, in fact, only been friends for three years. But I'll happily celebrate those three years! Those years have included great conversation, good food (and dessert), games, date nights, vegging out, and even travel (you know you've struck it rich when you've found people you can actually vacation with - a lot). Happy three years to Skyler and Elise for lasting this long as a wedded couple and for being such fun and awesome friends. Here's to another three years (at least)!

The happy couple (enjoying - what else?! - some fried food at the Orange fair)
The triathletes (seriously? yes. Kinda intimidating.)
Kenny and Skyler catching up on Yo Gabba Gabba while their wives do some shopping (and spying.)
Jill and Elise in Mammoth. So much fun, every time.
This was their (our) second anniversary. Practicing martial arts/photography in Laguna. A normal day, I'd say.
Thanks again for all the fun times!


Elise said...

It was love at first sight when Skyler and I met you guys. I feel like we have been married to you for three years also! Thanks for the great times! Marriage gets better every day! And what an example to look up to...Kenny and Jill. There is no doubt they love each other and still act like newlyweds (in a good way). We love you guys!

jennrocket said...

how cute are you guys!!! i really hope i can join your fun married club!