Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yummy in the Tummy

So Kenny has a cousin - well it's his cousin's wife - who happens to be a great cook. Whitney also happens to be funny, witty, well spoken, sincere, and is just an all-around neat person. And gorgeous. And she has two cute boys, who she affectionately calls as "Son 1" and "Son 2" (or Jack and Van, respectively). Don't you all want to meet her? You should. And then you could invite yourself to her house to enjoy some scrumptious eats. OR you could just read her fabulous blog, The Rookie Cookie, and read all about her adventures in potty training, child birthing, and getting into shape, all while stocking up on some great recipes. Like this one for spring rolls or this one for lemon bars, both of which she concocted just for me. Are you jealous? Because you totally should be.

Lemon Bars...soo good.

So go read Whitney's blog. Enjoy her wit. And make her food. It's a good time and it will make your belly really happy. And if you're lucky, she might even make a recipe just for you. Actually, all you have to is send her an email titled "Reader Request." It's that easy. Your welcome.

For more of Whitney's adventures, you can peruse her recently deceased blog: Whit. Ing. Life Abbreviated. (See?! I told you she was witty.)

UPDATE: Whitney often posts conversations with her three-year-old, Jack. Since this post has become somewhat of a tribute to all things Whitney, I'll post a conversation I had with her three year old.

Setting: My nephew's 3rd birthday party. I'm peeling the plastic off a grocery store vegetable tray when Jack pops up across the table.

Jack: "What are you making?" (By the way, Jack is incredibly articulate for a boy of three and his enunciation frankly puts me - a hopeless mumbler - to shame. Moving on.)

Me: "Making? I guess I'm 'making' vegetables."

Jack (inhaling deeply, eyes closed, slight smile): "Mmmmmm. Smells delicious."

I need to get me a three year old.


Sweet Pea Chef said...

I love Rookie Cookie! What a great request item too...

Anonymous said...

Tell Kenny to make you one.

Amy said...

I love love love lemon bars. They are my weakness for sure. They are one of those things that I think will for sure be in heaven. hands down.

Justin + kelly said...

That is hilarious! lol.