Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catch Up V3: Williams, AZ

So I'm still on the Grand Canyon trip.  I couldn't really move on until I posted some pictures from Williams, AZ.  The owner of the haunted fabric store told us that Williams used to consist of 27 brothels, 27 saloons, and 27 opium dens.  A real wholesome place.  I loved it.  (It is a little more G-rated and family friendly now, though, but still fun.)

This former brothel is now a bakery. I'm practicing my best "madame" pose.
Like all small tourist towns, the gift shops never fail to impress. This little gem of a souvenir has absolutely nothing to do with the Grand Canyon, Williams, the geography, or history. This one's for you, Elise.
We got to watch the Youngest Civil War Band in the U.S. They've won stuff (or so they said).
As we explored the town, a show-down occurred in the middle of the road. Weird, the same thing was happening as we drove into town the night before! Crazy. (Have I mentioned that i LOVED Williams. Seriously. So perfect.)
This was the "dumb" cowboy. He liked to scratch his bum when he was thinking really hard. I have pictures (but I'll save you all the sight). He used Anna for protection when the shooting began.  (He later tried to sacrifice my mom...)
We were cowboy-serenaded at this fabulous Mexican restaurant
And then Kenny, Becca, Anna and I hit the town.
We managed to walk all over the down town in about 20 minutes. Oh well. We had to get up early to celebrate Kenny's birthday and for Anna to formally meet this guy.

It was a pretty fun trip, and I'm always excited to spend time with the family. Hopefully we get to meet up with them again for Peach Days...we'll see.


Ashley said...

What is this amazing town you visited? Is it like in another parallel universe? Intriguing....

Caitlin said...

Haunted Fabric store? I want to know more about that.

Elise said...

I secretly want Skyler to buy me that I Love Lucy lunch pail.