Monday, June 23, 2008

Putting evolution to shame.

For those of you who don't know, I can't eat wheat (or a myriad of other common foods. This is a recent development, so for the time being I follow it more as a guideline that a rule, but I'm working on it). It's a bummer, but I console myself that I can - and will - eat dark chocolate.

Someone brought muffins into work today. No big deal. People are always bringing crap into work, and usually it's not of the "high-quality, extra-enticing/tempting" variety. Today was no exception, except for the dark-chocolate-chunk muffin. I caved. But, rather than eat the wheat (and deal with the numbing headache it was sure to induce), I picked out each morsel of chocolate. Like a kid with a bowl of lucky charms. Or like an ape and fleas (see fuzzy, poor-quality, google image above). It was the thought of this last example that left me kind of disgusted with myself. But then I remembered that it tasted so good. Who said evolution is always a good thing?

Side note:
The irony of this food intolerance issue is that I never really cared for chocolate before. I liked it and would eat it, but I've always preferred treats of the fruit variety. But now...I can't get enough dark chocolate. I know it's not the worst treat for me, but I'm a smart, logical person and can't deny the fact that all the antioxidants in the world aren't going to erase the calories. Oh well. Life is too short.


Elise said...

Dark chocolate is just not sweet enough for me, but it is still so good. I don't think those calories are hurting you though. Eat away! I, on the other hand, gained two pounds in the past week! Eeeekk! Just in time for bathing suit season!

cJb said...

Like the special dark chocholate for hershys? I can only stand the dark or semisweets. Milk chocolate: bleh!
Your going to get more calories from the fries and burgers anyways.. are we all doomed?!

cJb said...

Do you like to take the chocolate off the choc/choc donuts? Wait til' you get that far delved in..