Sunday, February 17, 2008

Catch-up's been a busy two weeks. Mammoth, sickness, Valentine's Day, sucking at ballet (but loving it anyway), and working extra hard at my job (considering performance reviews are just around the corner). That being said, I'd like to pay a quick, but well-deserved tribute to my dream-boy.

To begin, I'll tell a little story. I love Chloe. I'm not brand-obsessed, it's just that I'll be flipping through any fashion magazine and see something I like and 90% of the time it will end up being Chloe. I recently learned that my subconsious Chloe radar extends beyond their amazing clothing to their perfume as well. I came across an open sample, tried it, loved it (it reminds me of being in Paris at 13 all over again), and it ended up being Chloe's new perfume. I've always joked to kenny that he'll know I feel financially secure when I actually purchase something by Chloe. Well Kenny decides to get me the perfume for V-Day. Mind you Kenny works in Hollywood and takes the train. SO to accomplish this task, he borrows one of his workers' big diesel work-trucks, and heads off to Beverly Hills on his lunch break. After discovering that Nordstroms and Macy's don't carry it (Saks is apparently the exclusive distributor) he treks off to Rodeo drive. As many may know, you HAVE to valet park on Rodeo Dr. which Kenny does (I would have loved to see the valet when Kenny rolled up in a dirty diesel truck). Kenny is a foreman for a concrete company. He was dirty, his clothes were dirty, his hair was dusty and matted from wearing a helmet. Not exactly proper attire for shopping there. Anyway he gets the perfume, and returns to the vallet to discover the truck won't start, so Kenny has to go get it started himself. The excersion took two hours. And the best part is that Kenny didn't think there was anything unusual about this story - it was just another day in the life of the most kind, giving, talented, confident, and determined man I've ever known. Thanks, darling.

If any of you happen to pass me and catch a slight sent of a great combo of floral and citrus, you can know that I'll be thinking of how much my husband loves me and how far he'd be willing to go to do something thoughtful for me. I'm pretty dang lucky.


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I love that story. I think he likes you Jill.