Sunday, December 23, 2007

California Christmas

While I like living in here, I have always had a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit in California. It's may have started as homesickness but now it's most likely the absence of snow or other physical manifestations of the changing season. When I'm sipping hot cocoa, i want it to be because it's cold outside! While my tough winter skin has thinned out since living here and I actually get cold when the temp drops below 75 degrees, it's still not quite the same when people are walking around in tees and flip flops. That being said, my wonderful husband has worked really hard at creating our own Christmas traditions unique to California. We kick it off with a trip to Stats in Pasadena which is a huge warehouse FULL of christmas decorations. Then we will drive hours looking for the rare street where everyone has put up Christmas lights. (Thank you to everyone who lives on Yale St. in Fullerton for being so festive this year.) Toward the endo of the month we head to Kenny's fabulous Aunt Nora and Uncle Ray's beach house in Newport Harbor to watch the Christmas boat parade and we drool over the yachts dreaming of the Christmas we can have one.
Our friend Elise joined us this year on the beach in front of Nicolas Cage's house to enjoy the festivities.
This year is my fourth CA Christmas and I can honestly say that it's actually felt festive as these traditions are starting to be meaningul. Thank you, Kenny, for always making me so happy.

On an unrealted note, we decided to head up to Santa Barbara yesterday to exchange some clothes. The Santa Barbara store was the closest one that had the sizes and colors we needed, plus it was a good reason to head up there. The down town area is so festive and fun. We enjoyed some amazing hamburgers (i can't remember the last time I'd had one and it was soooo good!) and great people watching. We even saw a cat riding a dog like a horse! For real! It was way cooler than almost running into Molly Shannon (from SNL) who is really tiny, and "not very cute" (according to Kenny). In all it was a pretty great day.
(P.S. Yes, my hair is really that red; I needed a change - thanks Nicole!)


Jefrey & Nicole Thompson said...

so glad you felt the Christmas spirit this year Jilly! maybe it's because your hair is one of the main colors of the Christmas season! thanks to me! J/k glad you like it!!

Skyler & Elise said...

I have never experienced anything other than a California Christmas but I bet I would love it!